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Mitsubishi GTO's

Mitsubishi GTO / 3000GT

Mitsubishi GTO

We have had a passion for the GTO for a few years now and we offer a nationwide specialist service for these wonderful automobiles.

Underneath the bonnet as standard came a 3.0L V6, 24V and double overhead cams, two turbo chargers and two intercoolers. From factory, GTOs reached 281 BHP, and came with four wheel drive, four wheel steering and active aerodynamics. In the inimitable words of Jeremy Clarkson, "The toys in a 3000GT combine to make the Porche 968 look about as empty as a Maxwell pension fund". Ok so we're showing our age by saying that but our point is, What A Car!

Have a look at our gallery page to see Shanes own GTO (above), extensively modified to improve performance and design, which we'll list on the site soon. Having done much of the work himself, you can see why Rhino Motors is in as perfect place to look after and improve your GTO.

Email us on the right if you have a question about your GTO or call us on 07525 828139 / 07890 408480 to book in.

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